Go solar with no upfront cost

We make it easy for Australian organisations to switch to clean energy. 


Our model is a little different...


We will design, fund and install a solar energy system for your organisation. 

We maintain it. We guarantee it. 

You pay only for the electricity you consume each month - not the whole system.

We offer a fixed price per kWh that will not increase - ever.

And at the end of the project, all assets are transferred to you.

Our mission is to rapidly accelerate the adoption of clean energy by Australian organisations, driving innovation and intelligent technology along the way.

Our 2030 vision is to have you selling more energy than you buy.

Nil capex.

We provide full funding for projects.

Terms can range from 5 to 25 years - whatever suits you.  

Only pay for what
you use.

No need to buy a whole system.

Just pay for what you consume. 

Low risk. 

We design a solar system just for you. 

We fund it, and we guarantee it.



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Beacon Lighting - Hoppers Crossing

Case studies

We've been operating since 2013 and have helped over 100 organisations to switch to clean energy. Here are a few of the most interesting ones. 

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frequently asked questions

Top 10 questions

This is a new model and it's a bit different, so we get lots of questions. Here are the ones we get the most.

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frequently asked questions
About our offering and how it's different

Why Upstream? 

Our offering is designed from the ground up to remove the barriers that hold organisations back from switching to clean energy. It really works. Dive in. 

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