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We design, fund and deliver the high quality projects needed

to provide lower costs and emissions to Australian organisations.

If you don't have the funds available to install solar - or if you're a commercial tenant - this is where we provide the most value.

Upstream is an independent power producer.

We invest in quality solar systems, installing them on the rooftops of Australian businesses at our cost.

Upstream owns and operates over 300 sites nationally.

Nil capex.

No need for any capital expenditure to start. Just a simple monthly bill. 

Only pay for what you use.

We bill only for what you consume each month, not the total solar production. 

Low risk. 

System performance is our responsibility, because that electricity is our ROI - and where you get your savings.

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"They put solar on our roof, and are dropping our costs pretty precipitously while making the world a bit 'greener'. For someone time-poor like me, it only took about 2 hours of my time in emails to get it sorted out, then they sorted everything out, install, coordinating with the power company, etc."

Doug Abdiel

Director and Chairman PG Initiatives


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Case studies

Operating since 2013, Upstream is the longest running Australian company to deliver behind the meter PPAs. We own and operate over 300 power stations nationally. Here are a few of the most interesting ones. 

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How our power purchase agreements work

How it works

This is a new model and it's a bit different.

Here's a little more detail on how it works.

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How our power purchase agreements work
About our offering and how it's different

Why Upstream? 

Our offering is designed from the ground up to remove any barriers to clean energy. It works.

Our solar PPA structure is the market leader within the industry:

  • consumption-based
  • zero CPI
  • customised terms of 3-25 years
  • zero balloon on termination.

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