Why Upstream?


How we're different 


1. Our price is fixed

When a client signs on with Upstream, we set a fixed price per kWh. It will not increase for the term of the deal. Not even for CPI adjustment. 

This is not the case for the price of power on the grid. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) publishes the historical average spot price for electricity going back 20 years. Across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA, the average annual price change has been a 9.2% increase - and that's just the retail section of your electricity bill.

The network costs (poles and wires) are legislated to increase every year. The 2018 ruling which is in place for the next 4 years dictates annual network increases of 5.4%.

Our price is fixed. No increases, not ever.

When we design a solar system for you, we aim to minimise usage of the grid so these costs can be avoided, while keeping it connected to maintain power security and to operate at night. For clients who opt for batteries, connection to the grid can be completely removed. 


2. Flexible deal terms

Some larger providers offer only fixed options. We aim to be as flexible as possible. 

- Deal terms anywhere from 5 to 25 years.

- Inclusion of different investments in the deal such as wind, batteries, LED lighting, power factor correction, voltage optimisation. We'll even merge 2 or more NEM accounts to simplify accounting and further reduce costs.

- Upgrades: if you decide you'd like to add batteries, or switch to a newer technology during your term, we're happy to add these and create a new deal for you. 


3. You pay for consumption, not production

Going solar by getting a bank loan and buying a system is great, but it means you're paying for the whole system and for all production, whether you use it or not. With Upstream, you only pay for what you consume. 


4. We're 100% Australian owned and operated 

Just nice to know. 


5. We care about the environment

Upstream was created out of a desire to do something about climate change. Our model is designed entirely to make it easier for Australian organisations to switch to clean energy by removing the need or capex and the risk of faulty systems. 


6. You keep the assets

At the end of the deal term, Upstream hands ownership of all energy creating assets over to the property owner. This means you'll be able to generate power at no further cost other than maintenance. Solar panels have a 25 year warranty and inverters have 10-25 year warranties, so there's lots of value there. 


7. Use any technology you like

Upstream invests in a solar power system and puts it on your roof. We are happy to use any technology you may wish to use so you are able to take advantage of innovations as they come along. If you don't have a preference, we'll use our experience and our relationships with installers to get you the best technology and the best price. 


8. It works!

We are growing fast because this model works very well. We now have over 300 private power stations across Australia and we're very busy! 


9. Comparing is easy

We know you'll want to compare different options before moving ahead with a switch to clean energy. Happily, if you send us a copy of your most recent power bill, we'll have all the information we need to come back to you with a proposal within a few days. 


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