25% cheaper than Synergy


Finally. An energy alternative for small business.

Upstream is an independent power producer, backed by a renewable energy fund. We are  100% Australian-owned and operated.

Upstream is installing solar on West Australian businesses at zero cost, so you can take advantage of reduced energy prices.

It's our mission to have nil energy costs for businesses by 2030. You can read more about us here.


• Fixed, flat rates of power over rolling 12-month terms.

• Fully-funded and maintained solar system included in the energy plan - perfect for tenants.

• Stay with Upstream for 5 years and receive the solar asset for free.

Usage Flat Rate : $0.196 / kWh
Supply Charge : $1.68 / day


Plan available from August 2021.

Available to all West Australian businesses using under 50,000 units each year, and with sufficient roof space to host an Upstream solar system.

Available in Western Australia in August 2021


Beacon Lighting

The national retailer signed up with Upstream for cheaper power back in 2017, and has reaped the rewards since. Upstream installed solar across 50 sites - including Clarkson, Baldivis, Cannington and Claremont - without Beacon spending a cent. They received 20-30% cheaper power, and ticked the sustainability box in the process.


Atlantis Beach Baptist College

This up and coming educational institution was faced with a significant cost to connect to the grid - so Upstream fully funded their solar and storage solution.

ABBC is Australia's first 100% sustainable, 100% off-grid school campus - just an example of Upstream's flexible offerings for small business esand other organisations.

Australia's first fully sustainable, 100% off-grid school. A great example of how solar and battery storage is cost effective.
Atlantis Beach Baptist College
National retailers enjoyed immediate savings of up to 30% in an innovative Large Format Retail sustainability project.
Fairfield Homemaker Centre
Australia's leading retailer of lights and fans sets the industry benchmark across 50 stores and saving +25% in the process.
64769 BL Hoppers Crossing
Beacon Lighting National