Can I get solar panels even though I don't own my building?

Yes you can. 


Here's how it works...  


If you run a business in Australia but you don't own the building, you might not realise that you can still access solar systems. 


As long as you have permission to use the space on your roof, you can take advantage of an Upstream power purchase agreement yourself. 


In fact, we've specifically designed our model to work for tenants and landlords alike. Upstream even does the heavy lifting with your landlord, working with them to ensure their comfort around our installation and maintenance of the system.


Our agreements mean there's no upfront cost, and no need to install or maintain a solar power system - just enjoy lower monthly power bills. If anything goes wrong, just give us a call. 


What if...


If you vacate the building or cease trading, Upstream retains ownership of the assets, so we can offer incoming tenants low solar rates as an incentive to take on your agreement.


Similarly, if your landlord sells the building, we offer the new owner to take on the existing agreement or they can simply purchase the asset from us.  


As you can see, we've created a very low risk option for tenants. When talking with your landlord, here' some points for their consideration:


How to convince your landlord to go solar.


Property owners have a lot to gain here. 

  • promote their sustainability credentials when attracting new tenants. 
  • manage their tenant's power bills to save them time.
  • they can even sell the electricity to you as a tenant (making it easier to vacate without ongoing obligations). 
  • if they use part of a building themselves, they'll be reducing their own power bill too. 


We'll even pay you a commission!

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy - if you manage to convince your landlord that an Upstream power purchase agreement is a great idea, we'll send you a $500 commission. Just have your landlord complete this form, mentioning you as the referrer. 


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