The Case for Solar

Fast, efficient and easy to install, solar energy systems are perfect for businesses looking for minimal disruption to operations. The more sunlight hours your property experiences, the more you will benefit from solar - so, for companies with optimum latitude solar is an ideal solution as the benefits are immediate and significant.

As a business looking to manage overheads, Upstream's nil capital implementation of solar systems also means you can manage your costs as normal while the system is installed.


  • Clean and renewable
  • Flexible and easily tailored to the requirements of each project
  • Can be installed without disruption to business
  • Can replace a significant percentage of electricity
  • Requires minimal maintenance

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How Solar Works

  • Solar power cells convert sunlight into electricity
  • Inverters convert solar direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) which enters the building
  • An electricity meter measures energy flowing in and out of the building
  • Electricity generated by the solar panels powers equipment and appliances throughout the building
How Solar Works How Solar Works How Solar Works