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First of all, thanks for being a customer. We really appreciate your business. 


We're growing fast, and that's thanks to you. 


We're so grateful in fact, we'd like to give you $1,000. Here's the deal...


If you like your solar panels and you know other businesses or organisations who might like some too, please tell them about us. 


If they're interested, send them a link to this page and ask them to complete the form below. 


If they sign up, you'll have earned yourself a tidy $1,000. 


Make sure your name and email are included as the referrer so we can contact and pay you. 


If you'd like to refer more than one other business or organisation please go right ahead.


To get you thinking - we're finding our offering is popular with schools, universities, farmers, retailers and particularly with businesses who regularly get blackouts. 


This offer has no expiry date - we'll keep it running for as long as we can. 


Thanks again. 


The Upstream team