The Upstream Partner Program


If you sell solar power systems, you may have times where prospective customers are keen but can't afford the upfront cost. Or maybe they're looking for better options than getting a loan. 


Upstream can help. Bring us in to remove this hurdle for your client. 


We find long term relationships work well, so in exchange for a successful lead, we offer trailing commissions payable to you based on the monthly energy consumption of the client. 

Benefits for partners

  • Immediately offer fully-funded commercial solar to your entire lead database.

  • Receive passive income stream for 10+ years.

  • Upstream funds, commissions, insures and maintains asset.

  • Best available solution to commercially tenanted properties, providing incentives in lease negotiations and tenancy retention.

Expectations of partners

  • Consistency in branding and communication with the client. Upstream handles communications with the client regarding the PPA to ensure their comfort and understanding.

  • Excellence in installation quality. Upstream holds very long-term client relationships and they are underpinned by an outstanding level of workmanship and after-sales support.

  • Installers to provide a 5-year 90% performance guarantee on the system, in line with industry standards. 


  • Up to 10% of the monthly consumed energy charge.   

  • Payable quarterly for the term of the deal, which can range from 10 - 25 years. 

  • This is separate to income payable to installers for a job.

  • If the client defaults on the PPA, there will be no usage income or commission payable. 

  • If the client pays penalties to exit an agreement, the commission is not payable. 

  • Upstream will assess the program on a regular basis. 



  • Installer identifies a project with PPA required. 

  • Installer sends Upstream the following: 

    • Install quote including labour, materials, timeline and cost

    • A recent bill (with interval data if available)

    • Contact details of the prospective client

  • Upstream will assess the job. This includes:

    • Confirm it is a valid lead (i.e. Upstream has had no direct communication with the client or their company in the last 6 months)

    • Assess risk factors

    • Assess the quoted investment - materials, timeline, service providers etc. 

  • Upstream send the installer a proposal including: 

    • Term

    • Price per kWh (fixed)

    • Commission

    • Any queries regarding materials, timeline or services

  • Installer and Upstream agree to proceed. 

  • Upstream presents PPA to client.

  • Client signs.

  • Work begins. 


Client communication

  • The PPA agreement is referred by the installer but is exclusively between Upstream and the client. No other representation to the client should be made. 

  • After installation both Upstream and the installer are welcome to maintain communications with the client. Each party will inform the other if there is an opportunity for further business with the client. 



  • The commission is paid to the installer for bringing the lead to Upstream. 

  • The commission is payable to the person or company who deliver the contact details of the lead to Upstream and can show a claim to that lead. 

  • If two or more partner bring a lead to Upstream, and they are all valid leads, Upstream will take the one regarding which we received the first notification. Notification needs to be by email for this reason. 
  • If Upstream has had direct communication with the prospective client in the preceding 6 month period, the installer will be informed. If Upstream determines it is an existing, active lead, the installer will be informed. 



  • The installer can discuss Upstream’s services with a prospect, but must not represent Upstream in the market formally, nor quote any prices directly. 

  • Upstream will not be liable for any penalties or fines incurred by the installer in the process of marketing their services e.g. fines for calling people on the do-not-call list. 

  • The partner may not use the Upstream name, brand or any corporate representation without prior permission. 

  • Upstream is in no way tied to an exclusive arrangement with any single partner. 



Opportunities to jointly fund promotions may arise. These will be assessed on a case by case basis. Upstream will be happy to provide collateral to assist the partner in acquiring leads. 



If Upstream does not accept the installer’s quote and no agreement can be met over the materials, services, timeline or any other factor, both parties agree to resolve the dispute before contacting the client.



To become a partner, simply complete the form below. We'll be in touch.