PPA Application Process


We're here to get your customer a power purchase agreement as fast as possible. 


About our PPAs

  • They're behind-the-meter solar power purchase agreements (SPPAs).

  • They're consumption-based (not production-based).

  • They are fixed priced agreements - the c/kWh price is fixed for the term (no indexing or CPI increases). 

  • Ownership of assets will pass to the agreement signatories at the end of the term unless otherwise indicated (it's possible to have the agreement with a tenant but the assets transfer to the property owner when the agreement ends).


How to apply

  • Come to the page you're on right now: upstreamenergy.com.au/optimus

  • Complete the application form. 

  • Upstream review the system sizing, the interval data and perform internal checks, and respond within 3 business days.

  • Upstream sends the agreement to the client for digital execution via Docusign. 

  • Upstream confirms when the contract is live and authorises Optimus to commence the installation process.



  • Based on an EPC cost of $0.75/w post-STCs and solar consumption >75%.

  • Up to 100kWp system: 18.0c/kWh fixed rate (no CPI) over 7-year term. 

  • Over 100kWp system: negotiable.


  • Performed by Upstream unless otherwise indicated.

  • We schedule annual maintenance for all installations. 

  • We monitor all installations and will pro-actively schedule maintenance if we see dips in system performance. 




  • Panels, inverters, etc must be rated Bloomberg Tier 1. Click here to check. 



  • 25+ years performance warranty, 10 years replacement warranty on the panels.
  • 10 years replacement warranty on the inverter.

Client credit checks

  • Active entity
    • the Customer must have been an active entity for at least 2 years. 

  • Rental tenure in SA
    • If not an owner-occupier, the tenant must have a minimum remaining rental tenure (including options) of 50% of the PPA term. For clarity; for a 20-year PPA the tenant must have remaining tenure of at least 10 years, including options.
    • It’s acceptable if they have 4 years remaining with an option to extend 6 years. 

  • Rental tenure in NSW, VIC & QLD
    • Tenants must commit to minimum 12 months before vacating site.
    • Landlords must agree to allow the system to remain in place for the PPA term; Optimus to acquire and pass on LL contact details to Upstream.

  • Credit rating 
    • Upstream will undertake a Veda credit rating assessment, the customer must meet an acceptable level at Upstream’s discretion.


Client details required

These are the fields you'll see in the application form. 

  • Customer
    • Full name
    • ACN/ABN
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Contact person
    • Position

  • Address of installation of system
    • Equal to supply address listed on electricity invoice

  • Registered Proprietor of Premises
    • Full name(s)
    • ACN/ABN
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Contact person
    • Position / capacity

  • Details of Owner’s Corporation, if applicable
    • Strata Plan Number
    • Contact details

  • Details of System and System size
    • Sizing
    • Panels & inverter to be used
    • Is interval data included?
    • Percentage of on-site solar consumption.

  • Expected installation completion date

  • Any anticipated issues with the premises that my affect installation

  • Suggested PPA commencement date (must be after installation date and take into account network approvals and commissioning)

  • Expiry date (as dictated by PPA term)

  • Owner corporation consent
    • Required
    • Obtained

  • PPA Rate

PPA application form




Please contact Tim Johnson on 0437 111 145 or tim.johnson@upstreamenergy.com.au

Otherwise submit a comment below. 



When you're ready to apply, please click on the button below.  

Once the form is submitted and checks are completed, an agreement will be generated and sent to the customer to sign.

You will be copied in. 

PPA application form