Stand out from the crowd by offering clean energy to your tenants. 


Tenants love solar.  


If you are a land owner and have commercial or industrial tenants, you will know the value of attracting tenants and retaining them. A great way to make your property more attractive than your competitors' is to offer solar electricity. 


Rooftop solar costs less because it avoids the network and environmental charges of other power suppliers - often over 50% of each monthly bill (read more here). 


Upstream can provide you with two options:


You can give consent to your tenants to take on a power purchase agreement with Upstream, by giving them permission to put solar on the roof. 


Or you can take on a power purchase agreement yourself with Upstream. This allows you to:

  • Sell the electricity to your tenants - at terms of your choosing.
  • Promote your sustainability credentials when attracting new tenants.
  • Lower your tenant's outgoings cost for common areas.
  • Reduce your own power bill if you use space within a building yourself. 


As well as installing solar panels, you can include power saving technology in our power purchase agreements. These include LED lighting, intelligent HVAC systems, power factor correction systems, battery storage and building management systems - all to boost your sustainability credentials and improve returns.


These are great options for improving occupancy rates and rental rates without the need for capex - or you can simply refer your tenants to a power purchase agreement - with no effort required on your end.


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