Upstream is an independent power producer

We currently manage over 280 small to large-scale sustainable power stations across Australia.


How we work


Upstream is an independent power producer.

We fully fund the installation of solar systems on commercial and residential premises, delivering low cost power to the occupant and often paying the building owner for the access to their roof.

We insure, maintain and monitor the asset for a fixed term before handing it over. There are no costs at the start, nor the end.



After the strong response from NSW, we are now seeking interest from firefighters in all states in the below residences;

  • tenants in free-standing homes
  • owner-occupiers in free-standing homes
  • owner-investors of tenanted (and vacant) properties
  • tenants in units and strata complexes
  • rural properties, including storage sheds
  • commercial tenants, owner-occupiers and landlords

Upstream will install the largest possible solar systems at our cost, and pay $250-$1000 to the nominated party upon energising of the system. 

Occupants will have the opportunity to access low cost clean electricity at 10-50% below grid market prices and can elect to shorten or lengthen the agreement term at their discretion.


Upfront cash payments and kWh rates will vary based on state, energy usage levels and STC prices at the time of energising.

To apply for the program please complete the form below.

If you require further assistance please book a call by clicking here.


Image: Matt Pridham's 10kW system, Dubbo.


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