Fairfield Homemaker Centre

National retailers enjoy energy cost savings of 30% from day one. 

Solar panels cut power costs for Fairfield Homemaker Centre
Category: Retail
Vertical: Large format centre

Large format retailers love rooftop solar

National retailers enjoyed immediate savings of up to 30% in an innovative Large Format Retail sustainability project. 

The solution

Fairfield Homemaker Centre is a six-stage complex in Townsville. It's home to multiple large format retail outlets. 


Stage 1 was completed in June 2016 and stage 2 in July 2018, with the remaining 4 stages under construction. Upstream took over operations of the embedded network in July 2018 and immediately delivered energy savings of 20-30% to the building occupants. 


Stage 2 was tenanted in mid July and Upstream was able to bring their experience in embedded networks and project management to deliver the power on time for the incoming tenants - QLD Xray, Tradelink, Nutrition Warehouse, and Lincraft. 


As a network operator, Upstream is funding solar installations across the complex and implementing energy efficiency measures to drive down power costs further. These include LED lighting, Power Factor Correction, and advanced building management systems. 


Upstream is rolling out the embedded network across all 6 stages, covering 30+ tenants across 8 acres of commercial property. Upstream is designing and delivering a market leading project that will be 100% self-sufficient with no external energy costs by 2030. 



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