Feel safe

Why you can trust us. 


No need to worry about dodgy solar installers.  


There have been many stories in the media about poor quality installers, and solar panels that don't deliver the savings promised. 


Our model is different. We pay for and own the solar panels that we put on your roof. You pay for the power that's delivered and consumed. Our business doesn't work unless the solar panels we install are set up correctly and operating smoothly. 


We hire local companies around Australia to carry out regular maintenance - which means we are able to guarantee the operation of our systems. 


With over 100 private power stations operating around Australia - from Perth to Darwin, Townsville to Launceston, we know who to trust and how to make sure all supplier guarantees and insurances are in place. So we tend to get things right the first time.


If you're a leader in an organisation, we understand you don't like surprises. We've designed our offering to take risk away from you - both in price increases, and in operational risk. So if you're building a case to invest in making the switch to clean energy, this should make things easier for you. 


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