Do something about

climate change

Refer an organisation and earn yourself $1000.


Refer and earn $1000. 


We're seeing the effects of climate change growing - and there's a frustrating lack of good answers to the question "What can I do about it?"


Our mission is to rapidly accelerate the adoption of clean energy by Australian organisations - which means we have some great answers to this question.


We've removed the hurdles to switching to clean energy. Organisations don't have to invest in solar panels up front, we can work with any installer, and we guarantee the operation of the system. Most importantly, we can cut an organisation's power bill significantly because there's no need to pay network charges (usually around 40% of a bill) when the power is generated on your own roof.  


Refer a manager 

If you like the sound of our model, and you'd like to see your organisation shift to clean energy, here's what you can do...


Tell the leader of your organisation there's an easier way to switch to clean energy. If they decide to investigate, they can fill in the form below and we'll get in touch with them. 


Make sure that when they complete the form, they name you as the person who referred them to us. If they end up signing a deal with us, we'll pay you a well-earned $100 commission. 


Commissions can be paid to an individual, an organisation, or to a nominated charity. 


To earn this commission, you must be over 16 and the solar system must be over 15kWp.