Culcairn Bowling Club

Regional social hub smashes daytime energy rate by 48%.

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Hit the road, jack.

Culcairn social members bowl over the big energy retailers by cutting their energy rate in half.



year one savings



post-term savings



life time savings

Small town, big sky thinking.


A social mainstay of the town, Culcairn Bowling Club has served over 1500 local residents tirelessly since 1957. The club operates from a 5,000m2 site - of which 200m2 was available for roof-top solar. Patrons enjoy two bowling greens that are open the majority of the year.


Compared to other businesses with varying operating hours, Culcairn Bowling Club has a very consistent and predictable consumption profile. Base loads (energy used 24 hours a day) are derived largely from constant refrigeration, and the club is open 7 days a week with regular trading hours.

During operation, usage spikes from midday onwards until late evening where lighting, air conditioning and water systems are utilised. Their seven-day working week and broad northfacing roof made solar the efficient solution, utilising the property to achieve energy savings. With a long-standing tenure and an established presence in the community, their interests were in an extended term that allowed maximum immediate savings and no ongoing maintenance commitments.


Upstream created a 20 year solution that saw their daytime energy costs drop by 47.7%. One third of the club’s energy now comes from a clean, sustainable sun-powered plant, with full production monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

Culcairn Bowling Club is also working to actively reduce their contract term by referring Upstream to other clubs and businesses in their local area.



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