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Solar PPAs: A Call for Change

Oct 13, 2020 8:11:31 AM

Many businesses across Australia have heard the call for clean energy and made the switch to solar. Not only does it provide cost savings, it’s a good hedge against increases in energy prices, and it shows a serious intention to do something about climate change.

As a leading solar PPA provider, Upstream Energy has been delivering innovative clean energy solutions to the Australian energy market since 2013. As one of the first providers of rooftop solar PPAs in Australia we have rapidly expanded by delivering real customer value.

Our model is simple: we invest in solar systems which we install on your roof, and sell you the clean electricity produced for less than you pay for grid power now. Our power purchase agreement has no catch: we agree to build and maintain the solar system. You agree to buy the electricity it produces. And at the end of our agreement, we transfer ownership of the system to you. No charge.

Over the last few years, we have been growing fast. More business owners are happy to turn to clean energy using power purchase agreements since there is no upfront investment. Many of our customers choose our PPA when they realise the money they were looking to spend on a solar system can be better spent on other things. It’s never hard to find other things to invest in. 

Also, many managers don’t want to worry about maintaining a solar system.  During the term of our PPAs, if anything goes wrong, we fix it. The systems are insured and we use only top installers and top components. It’s never hard to find other things to worry about either. 

But perhaps the most common “Aha” moment for our customers is when they hear that we charge only for the electricity you consume. Not the amount produced, the amount consumed. So if you go through tough times, you’ve got one less thing to be concerned about. 

Upstream now operates over 200 private power stations for organisations across Australia. They’ve all able to get access to all the benefits of cheaper solar electricity without investing a thing. They enjoy the lower fixed price of clean energy and reduce their exposure to the energy market. Our solar PPAs are a quick way to achieve ambitious sustainability targets, to keep your tenants, staff, students, shareholders, and community happy. Read more about our case studies from recent projects.

Upstream Energy is committed to supporting clean energy and solar system development. We have been able to diversify our offering to cater for residential, SME and commercial and industrial customers. Our model suits both tenants and landlords. To encourage more businesses and homeowners to switch to solar, we have also been offering cash incentives up to $20,000 for eligible customers.

If you are not sure if you should go for a solar PPA or invest in solar yourself, read our recent blog post comparing renting to buying. There is no better or worse model, the answer is dependent on your circumstances and preferences.

If your organisation is interested in going for a pro-active clean energy management approach, talk to our team about our sustainability cash grants and how we can benefit your business.


Tim Johnson
Written by Tim Johnson

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