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How new models are disrupting commercial solar - Alan Kohler interview

Feb 11, 2020 9:13:58 PM

Talking Business is an inflight entertainment radio program on Qantas, hosted by Alan Kohler. Each month business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators are interviewed about their expertise, businesses, and careers.

Recently Nathan sat down to record a 10 minute interview with Alan on the show. 

Here's the synopsis: 

Nathan founded Upstream Energy in 2013 after fifteen years’ experience in urban firefighting and emergency response with Fire and Rescue New South Wales. His leadership in focusing growth by helping customers has been the driving force behind the opportunity Upstream now presents.

Nathan continues to drive the use of new technologies and an innovative approach to delivering clean energy. Upstream Energy provides complete solar systems to commercial enterprises, with the electricity produced sold to customers through fixed supply contracts over 6 to 10 years at cheaper rates to traditional suppliers.

He also touches on the scalability and variability of this framework (any and all energy users can benefit and it works especially well for commercial tenants), the potential for landlords to generate income and the role renewable energy will play in the future energy sector mix. 


Tim Johnson
Written by Tim Johnson

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