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How your business can go solar without spending any money.

Feb 18, 2020 10:15:54 PM

It's no secret, solar is cheaper.

Everyone has heard the news: solar electricity is now cheaper. 

The adoption of rooftop solar in Australia is amongst the highest in the world. 

This is not surprising given the amount of sunshine we have in Australia, along with the rebates and feed-in tariffs which incentivised the switch. 

And to top this all off, interest rates are low and the price of panels has dropped so much, payback times are down below 5 years. It's a great trend. 

But what about small businesses? 

For many small businesses with high heating and cooling bills, a solar system large enough to deliver what they need costs more than they can borrow. 

And finding the time to research which technology and which provider to use is a challenge. The memories of dodgy installers still linger in the minds of many. 

Is there another way? 

Yes there is.

Upstream Energy is a new kind of electricity company, employing a new model that's designed from the ground up to make it all a lot easier for Australian businesses. 

With all capital expenses covered by us, there's no need to spend any money until the electricity is flowing through your building. 

Here's how it works.

- Upstream designs, installs, monitors and maintains rooftop solar systems.
- Tenants in the building buy the electricity (typically 15% cheaper).
- Building owners take ownership of the solar system after 10 years.

Upstream doesn't sell solar panels, it sells electricity. This means you as a business manager don't need to worry about loans, quotes, research and maintenance - all that's done for you. 

Why it's cheaper.

The strength of distributed energy is that you don't need to transport it anywhere. Network charges may be familiar to you from your current power bill - this is the cost of getting the electricity from the power plant to you. It's typically 35% - 40% of the total cost. 

Because Upstream's electricity is generated on your roof, there's no need to pay this network charge - so we can offer significantly cheaper electricity.

Larger businesses might also see environmental charges on their bills - another cost that's removed. 

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No more price increases. 

When you sign to get an Upstream private power station, you are fixing in a price per kilowatt hour that will not increase for the life of the agreement. A refreshing change from grid-based electricity prices over the years. 

You pay for what you consume each month, not a flat amount to pay off the system on the roof as you do with a lease. 

What's more, we install a monitor which sends alerts if your system starts to underperform. Upstream will take care of it - we want to make as much power as possible.

No need for a long term contract.

We understand businesses sometimes need to move. We require only a 12-month commitment from tenants. After this, you're free to go. 

We do need consent from the owner of the building to keep the system in place for 10 years, but this is rarely a problem because at the end of term, we transfer ownership of the system to the owner (at nil cost!).

Since solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty, this can mean a lot of years of 'free' energy for the building. Inverters may need to be replaced about every 7 years, but since Upstream will often do this during the term the owner generally gets a brand new one - not a bad deal at all. 

Like to know more? 

There's an easier option for your small business. 

If you'd like to hear more, we'd love to tell you all about it. Click here to get an obligation free proposal tailored to your needs.  

Tim Johnson
Written by Tim Johnson

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