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9 Reasons to Switch Your Business to Rooftop Solar

Oct 7, 2020 5:31:39 PM

            1. IT'S CHEAPER

It now costs less to produce electricity from a solar system than by burning gas or coal. The challenge has been storing that electricity and transporting it.

Rooftop solar doesn't need to be transported - it's on the roof.

And because businesses hours are similar to daylight hours. there's less need to store solar electricity.


            2. INCENTIVES

One of the main incentives for solar in Australia is government rebates. Small-scale certificates are worth around $500 per kW, which is roughly 30% - 40% off the cost of solar panels.

They won't last forever though. Every January their value drops by 6%, until it hits zero in 2031.



Companies around the world are spending billions on research to reduce the cost of batteries. Tesla have said they're going to reduce the cost by 56% within the next 2 years.

Batteries mean you can use your cheaper solar electricity more of the time - not just during daylight hours. Which means big savings. Right now they're borderline economic, but you can install solar now and be ready to add batteries when the cost comes down.



Once a solar system is paid for, the price of your solar electricity is fixed. This is not the case with power from the grid. With over 5 million power poles around Australia, the grid is expensive to maintain and those costs are passed on in your grid power bill.



Setting carbon emission goals, or just promoting your green credentials via NABERS or Green Star Rating s is a great way to attract and retain customers, employees and share holders. Your community will thank you.


            6. PREDICTABILITY

As a business, you want to know how much your power bill will be this year, next year, and beyond. Solar provides certainty.


            7. YOUR GRANDKIDS

They're going to look at you one day and ask what you did about climate change. Give them a reason to be proud of you.



Power purchase agreements (PPA) are a new way to get solar with zero upfront investment.

Upstream will install, insure and maintain a solar system on your rooftop at zero cost to you.

Your monthly bills for the solar electricity produced will be 10% - 50% lower than your current grid power bills.

Your price is fixed (not even CPI increases) and you pay only for what you consume.

At the end of the agreement, ownership of the system will be transferred to you at no cost.


            9. NO MAINTENANCE

During the term of an Upstream power purchase agreement, we take care of all maintenance. If anything happens to the system, we'll make sure it gets fixed immediately.

We use smart meters to monitor output of the system - if it dips, alerts are sounded, and we organise a maintenance crew.



Tim Johnson
Written by Tim Johnson

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