We're afraid of the dark too. 


Worried about blackouts?

Stop relying on the grid. 


Blackouts are caused by two things...


The grid - electricity is one of the few things in life that is consumed the moment it's produced, so we rely on the grid to carry the power every minute of every day. If you live in the country, or the poles and wires in your area are getting a little old - you probably already know all about this. 


Matching supply and demand - if spikes in demand are not anticipated or if electricity production in power plants fail, we have a problem. Large batteries are a great solution to cover spikes in demand, but if your energy provider is a big operation and they go offline - your only option is to reduce your dependence on them. 


Both these causes are related to a reliance on the grid. 


How we solve the problem - When we install one of our decentralised private power stations, the risk of blackouts is significantly reduced simply because the electricity doesn't have to go through the grid. It's the same reason we can set the price of our power so low - there's no need to pay for using the grid in transmission fees. 


These power stations are paid for and guaranteed by us. We set it all up and maintain it, our customers simply pay a monthly electricity - just like their existing bill, but less expensive. 


Since the sun doesn't shine all the time, we offer our customers the option to stay connected to the grid, or for the best power security - install batteries to store excess power to keep everything up and running if the grid fails. 


If you like the sound of going solar, but you don't own your building, we're happy to help persuade your landlord to try rooftop solar. Landlords have a lot to gain here. They can increase occupancy rates, incentivise both new and existing tenants by reducing power bills, and improve their sustainability credentials. 


To discuss how we can make all this work for you, give drop us a note...

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