Beacon Lighting

Australia's leading lighting specialist sets the industry benchmark for retail sustainability.

Category: Retail
Vertical: Lighting

A national retailer demonstrates that sustainable is profitable.

A multi-faceted approach to energy management: HVAC, LED lighting, sub-metering and solar to achieve optimum results.


stores completed


solar panels installed


kg of carbon saved annually

Large Format Retail, low energy costs.

Beacon Lighting is Australia’s leading and largest specialist retailer of lighting, ceiling fans and light globes with over 100 national stores. Their energy profile is consistent, with 7-day consumption including overnight loads for window displays.

Upstream delivers clean energy to Beacon via a PPA in order to reduce operational costs, lower greenhouse emissions and promote sustainability.

The project involved LED lighting, sub-metering controls and HVAC treatment and saw Beacon become a retail industry leader, lowering their carbon usage significantly and capitalising on under-utilised roof space on leased buildings. 

Beacon Lighting enjoys fixed energy costs from Upstream - meaning that prices will never increase under their current agreement, not even for CPI.

Crucial to project delivery was the successful negotiation of roof access across the store portfolio, which Upstream achieved after liaising with dozens of individual property owners.

Upstream installed over 2.5MW in one of Australia’s largest collective commercial installations, reduced Beacon’s annual spend by 20-30% and cut energy carbon emissions by over 2,800,000 kg each year.






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