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We're Upstream


Upstream Energy has been delivering innovative clean energy solutions to the domestic Australian energy market since 2013.

Founded and based in Sydney, Upstream was one of the first providers of solar PPAs in Australia - and has rapidly expanded by delivering real customer value.


Upstream operates over 300 private power stations for organisations across Australia. We generate energy for Large Format Retail clients as well as schools and small businesses. These renewable systems are located not just in metropolitan areas like Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Launceston - but also remote and regional towns including Broken Hill and Mount Isa.


With a focus on offering businesses an accessible and practical path to energy ownership, Upstream is making energy independence a reality for organisations of scales large and small, in an environment of ever increasing grid energy prices.


Here's our capability statement.



Nathan Begley

Managing Director

Nathan founded Upstream Energy in 2013 after fifteen years’ experience in urban firefighting and emergency response with Fire and Rescue New South Wales. His leadership in focusing growth by helping customers has been the driving force behind the opportunity Upstream° now presents. Nathan continues to drive the use of new technologies and an innovative approach to delivering clean energy.

Mark Reilly 2

Mark Reilly


Mark is a founding Director of Upstream° and provider of sharp and solid counsel taken from his experience in risk management. His extensive background spanning thirty years of emergency management, strategic response, logistics and administration remains a cornerstone of Upstream's corporate governance. Mark is a qualified fire safety engineer with the institution of fire engineers and has extensive background in fire safety in major hazardous facilities.

Guy Cameron

Guy Cameron

National Project Manager

Highly organised, efficient and with a wealth of knowledge from hands-on experience installing systems for over a decade, Guy is the linchpin of Upstream's project delivery.


Tim Sullivan

Operations Manager

Tim is responsible for monitoring and verifying the successful operations of Upstream’s generational assets. Previously the Utilities Manager of Sydney Corporate Park for Goodman Property, Tim oversaw the efficient and effective delivery of electricity to several dozens of retailers and tenants within the complex. His attention to detail, pragmatic approach and practical counsel is immensely valuable to Upstream's daily operations.


Andrew Begley

Brand Architect

Andrew brings 20 years of architecture + design industry experience with a focus on brand creation and strategy, stakeholder management, communications, product strategy and systems design. He specialises in brand strategy development & activation, communications strategy, digital design/architecture and cloud-based business solutions. Andrew is the principal driver behind Upstream's branding.